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10th Anniversary Year 2006 - 2016

R​ide Safe!
Keep The Faith!​
Club Shop​
R = Normal Price, M = Full Members Price, Associate Members Get 5% off R.
Certain Items Have Many Sizes & Colours To View Click on Photo and Then Click the Link in the Bottom Right Corner.
Orders Must Be Made on an Official Form Available from Kerri or Keith.
All Orders To Be Paid For In Full At Time Of Ordering.
NON MEMBERS Please Contact Us Via Email Below For Ordering Details
  1. 10th Anniversary Mug
    10th Anniversary Mug
    Ceramic Mug with Anniversary Logo One Side and Club Logo on the Other R £9.99 M £8.99
  2. 10th Anniversary T-Shirt
    10th Anniversary T-Shirt
    Limited Edition T-Shirt 2016 ONLY Colour: White Only Sizes: S M L XL 2XL 3XL R £9.99 M £7.99
  3. Black Country T-Shirt
    Black Country T-Shirt
    Black Country Flag Incorporating our Club Logo Colour: White Only Sizes: S M L XL 2XL 3XXL R £9.99 M £7.99
  4. Key Ring
    Key Ring
    Paint Friendly Material with Black Country Club Flag Design Limited Quantity Available R £3.50 M £3.00
  5. Club Mug
    Club Mug
    Quality Mug With Club Logo R £8.99 M £7.99
  6. Club Harrington Jacket
    Club Harrington Jacket
    With Small Front & Large Rear Logo Colours: Navy, Black, Wine, Cream, Red, Green Sizes: XS to 5XL R £30.00 M FREE with Full Membership
  7. Oxford Shirt
    Oxford Shirt
    Short Sleeve with Logo on Front Colours: Black / Men ~ Red / Ladies R £22.00 M £17.50
  8. Sticker 10th Anniversary Design
    Sticker 10th Anniversary Design
    70mm White Background £1.00 70mm Clear Background £1.00 40mm White Background 50p 40mm Clear Background 50p
  9. Club Patch 2016
    Club Patch 2016
    Limited Edition Rally Patch featuring 10th Anniversary Design R £2.00 M £1.00